Chesapeake Bagel Bakery

  1. Quantity
    118,000 (4 times a year in quantities from 100M to 4.5 M)
  2. Size
    7 1⁄2 x 3 3⁄4 inches
    12 pages
  3. Text
    4/4 on 70# gloss text
  4. Equipment
    Bound two up and five-knife trimmed on 8-pocket Muller Martini Saddle Stitcher
    Printed on 5-color Harris M110 Web Press
    Perfed inline
  5. Equipment Update
    Printed on Heidelberg 6-color M600 Web Press
    Spine pasted inline and trimmed apart
    Ready to box as it comes off the press
  6. Other Clients
    Burger King, McDonalds, and KFC