Technology Solutions: Print on Demand

What is easier than using technology to create a virtual print-on-demand scenario? Not much. Using Courier Printing’s advanced technology solutions, we take out the unnecessary middle man, the in between work, and the proofing.

When utilizing this technology, the customer creates a print ready PDF proof that can go into production immediately. Essentially, it goes straight from the internet to the printing press. Additionally, each customer can uniquely design their online customer interface to better suite their preferences and business needs. The streamlined process provides total ease and efficiency of their printed materials.

This style of printing is particularly good for reprints, stationary, business cards, and frequently printed office materials. It also excels in variable printing where each piece of printed material is required to be different. For example, a nationwide company who orders note pads personalized with different store’s addresses on them would need variable printing.

Furthermore, this system aids in fulfillment and inventory processes for our customers. The progress is tracked and recorded for each order fulfillment.

Courier Printing has this technology to better help our customers. We realize that submitting orders, and receiving them back in a time efficient and stress-less manor is crucial for our busy clients. It enables them to concentrate on their work, while they can be confident their job is done right.

Work Smart Suite

Streamline: A fully customizable online Web-2-Print system with an array of tools that streamline the purchase, management, and distribution of a company’s marketing collateral. Available at the click of a mouse, Streamline allows users, across the nation or around the globe, to order everything needed to move quickly and capture market opportunities.

Connect: A revolution in CrossMedia direct-marketing that enables the creation of highly engaging personalized one-to-one campaigns that dramatically increase response rates. Connect taps the power of personalization and uses multiple touch points across a variety of media to build relationships and improve the effectiveness of the campaign.

Organize: A powerful system that is limitless in its means to organize, protect, and facilitate proper use of a company’s vast library of digital assets. Organize brings thousands of digital files together in one central location, organizes them for easy retrieval and provides instant online access to authorized users.

Digital Publication: A robust page-turning solution that allows a user to electronically create and distribute promotional material and information in a digital format. Digital Publications allow printed material to be linked to a highly interactive online publication.

Augmented Reality: This technology allows your products to jump off the page while enhancing print with interactive menus, video or 3D content to add a new dimension to the customer experience. Connecting digital with catalog, direct mail, point of sale, advertising and other communications, RR Donnelley’s augmented reality solutions bring customers closer to you through remarkable on-line experiences.